New! ...UnderGround DownSpout Kits

Six easy steps to installing your new UnderGround DownSpout Kit!

1. Select an area for the Bubbler pot at least eight feet from the house in line with your down spout.

2. Dig a hole eight inches deep and twelve inches in diameter for the Bubbler pot to set in.

3. Scoop out a shallow trench from the house to the Bubbler pot, slopping from four inches deep to eight inches deep at the pot.

4. Using standard 4" thin wall P.V.C. pipe and elbow. Fit one end of the pipe into the Bubbler pot the other end to the elbow.

5. Hold the Debris Filter up against the house just under your down spout and measure the length of pipe needed to connect the
    Debris Filter to the elbow.

6. Back fill the trench and around the pot with dirt and tamp down. Congratulations your done.!!!! LLC  1253 Hallmark Ct. N. Oakdale, Minnesota 55128  
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